Wiener Alpen Bett – in da Wies’n, Triad


The unique guest room surrounded by greenery

The vision of a bed in the countryside, and the desire for special overnight stay concepts for regional, commercial businesses, got the idea of the “Wiener Alpen Bett” rolling during a culinary meeting in Wirtshaus Triad between top restaurateur Uwe Machreich and the List family, the owners of List smart results GmbH.

In line with the desire of award-winning chef Uwe Machreich to accommodate guests in a unique manner after an extended evening meal, KR Manfred List was able to conjure up a customised concept from his creative depths. Guests now have 5 lodgers at their disposal, each the size of a double room measuring 21 m².

The whole ambience is rounded off by the clear design with lots of wood and a great view from the terraces of the pond or the garden.

The principle of the Wiener Alpen Bett offers the comfort of an exclusive guest room and, with the modular solid wood construction, enables individual design and expansion options. The use of natural and local materials meets the higest standards of ecological and sustainable construction. Due to prefabrication that is not reliant on the weather, construction times are very short. The room units are delivered fully furnished and ready to be connected to supply lines, including all building service components, and can be moved into immediately after constuction and used all year round.


“The Wiener Alpen Bett” is a product that enables coercial businesses and restaurateurs in our region to find a quick and cost-optimised solution for the construction of guest rooms,” says KR Manfred List.




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