A holistic perspective during all project phases – the general contractor for smart & exclusive high-rise and interior work


LIST SMART RESULTS represents efficiency, top quality and a holistic approach to every project from all perspectives.


Together, we lay the foundation for the project in order to develop smart solutions on a firm basis during the planning phase.


We use smart design: during the process as well as in the product – from the planning through to the implementation phase.


Together with our partners, we create not just smart real estate but also provide extensive know-how.


List Smart Results provides holistic support and excellence during all project phases. That’s why it is possible to commission a total package but also just individual disciplines.

Together with our partners, we develop a tailored concept for every project. Using project studies, evaluations and location analyses we identify potentials and contribute specialised know-how. Feasibility studies, drafts and designs of business plans and budgets take the project to the next level.

Only a precise and prudent conceptual design by highly qualified specialists can guarantee the highest quality in architecture and design, with a focus on cost-efficiency as well as sustainability. During planning, we turn to high-profile, experienced employees from architecture and interior design, and define clear targets from the ground-breaking through to the handover.

During implementation, we respect the role of individual disciplines as much as that of the general contractor. Structural work, installations, furnishings or turnkey handover of the property … regardless of the size of the project, we see ourselves as a reliable partner who never loses sight of the smartest solution or of deadlines and cost budgets.

We know the processes and key performance indicators and are happy to share our know-how in an advisory role. We provide the project management and take over the role of representing the property owner, plus project and construction management. Furthermore we give assistance at operator and investor acquisition as well as at preparing all project documents for the financing process.


Focused on the solution and efficient unconventional if required – and always striving for the best and the most innovative results.

LIST SMART RESULTS was established in 2012 by KR Manfred List together with his children, Elisabeth List, MA (Univ. Applied Sciences) and engineer Benedikt List, M.A., as an independent spin-off from the then List company group. Their aim was to apply the precision and know-how acquired over decades, especially in the hotel and tourism sector, not just to internal design but also more broadly in project development and the construction of customised properties.

— Each generation was to leave the company in a stronger position than it found it. —

Having completed more than 250 turnkey hotel projects around the world as a general contractor, Manfred List is a proven tourism specialist with international competence

Elisabeth List is an experienced project developer who, having worked as a managing director of several hotel properties, is also familiar with the operational side.

Benedikt List contributes his years of experience as a corporate consultant in the automotive sector in Germany, and has managed major projects such as the Hilton Vienna Park.

It is no coincidence that LIST SMART RESULTS originated from a small-trade business. The company’s roots go back to a carpenter’s workshop founded by Franz List in Thomasberg, Lower Austria, in the 1950s. Since then, the company has stood for innovation, precision and a great passion for materials.

Depending on requirements, LIST SMART RESULTS can rely on the exclusive craftsmanship and high-tech production of F/LIST at the shared site. The experienced employees who have worked for the company for many years collaborate with an approved, loyal network of international partners such as architects, designers, technicians and executing companies.

This broad set-up enables us to guarantee top quality while strictly meeting deadlines and remaining absolutely in line with the cost budget. It doesn’t matter whether your project involves an innovative, modular hotel, the furnishings for a luxurious penthouse or a private villa.

LIST SMART RESULTS will bring together individual teams to work efficiently and with a focus on the solution, including the unconventional if necessary, and always will strive for the best and the most innovative results.


Smart solutions from the start
through to completion.
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