Smart living lodge

A flexible and modular living and overnight stay concept

A room in the countryside – regional and sustainable

The smart living lodge offers the comfort of an exclusive guest room and, with the modular solid wood construction, enables individual design and expansion options. The use of natural and local materials meets the highest standards of ecological and sustainable construction. Due to prefabrication that is not reliant on the weather, construction times are very short. The room units are delivered fully furnished and ready to be connected to supply lines, including all building service components, and can be moved into immediately after construction and used all year round.

Highest standard of natural living space

The lodges are manufactured in modular solid wood construction.

Due to the compact nature of the modules, a maximum degree of prefabrication ps achieved, construction times are limited to 10 weeks, transport by crane truck is easy and construction is accelerated.

The advantages:

  • High degree of prefabrication
  • Short construction times
  • Precision assembly
  • Weather-independent production
  • dry components
  • Low thermal conductivity
  • High heat storage capacity
  • Protection from summer heat
  • natural locally sourced materials


Durable, sustainable, flexible – CLT – the solid wood construction system

CLT is a solid wood construction product from our cooperation partner Stora Enso, which is made from cross-glued single-ply panels of spruce or pine, also known as cross-laminated timber.

CLT offers almost limitless possibilities in terms of building concept, style and architecture.

It is suitable for interior and exterior walls and for ceilings and roofs.

Properly planned, built and protected against weather and moisture, a CLT building can last for centuries.

Furthermore the material offers excellent properties in all areas: healthy and comfortable room climate, fantastic fire protection properties, enormous static load capacity and earthquake protection.

We attach the utmost importance to ecological aspects using renewable raw materials, low energy requirements and low emissions. 


Smart solutions from the start
through to completion.
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