Hilton Vienna Park

In just 15 months, during full operations, the 499 rooms, 89 executive rooms, 72 suites and corridors were modernised in a joint venture with Voglauer Hotel Concept, with 300 rooms being renovated simultaneously and handed over floor by floor in the various construction phases.

Following the designs of the Goddard Littlefair design studio, different colour concepts were created, which are reflected in the 3 room categories. Green accents can be found in the luxurious standard rooms, while blue and gold dominate the 72 spacious suites.

Project management was provided in collaboration with Voglauer Hotel Concept and List smart results delivered the freee-standing furniture, textiles, headboards, lighting and accessories.

Despite the Covid-19 pandemic and complex construction processes, it was possible to successfully adhere to both the schedule and budget.

“The complete renovation of the 663 rooms and suites in the Hilton Vienna Park was a great achievement of the working group VOGLAUER HOTEL CONCEPT  and List smart results GmbH. I was very impressed, given the complexity and scale. “

Norbert B. Lessing // Area General Manager Hilton Austria



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