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APK Pensionskasseoffice interior
Chamber of Labour Lower Austria Klosterneuburgpublic area
Chamber of Labour Lower Austria Mistelbachpublic area
Chamber of Labour Lower Austria Neunkirchenpublic area
Chamber of Labour Lower Austria Viennafoyer
Bank Austria/Creditanstalt
World Financial Center Warsaw
furniture and interiors
Biochemie – Novartis Viennaoffice interior
Foreign Trade Departmen of the Chamber of Commerce, Budapestoffice interior
Creditanstalt Bad Vöslauinterior
Creditanstalt Bratislavainterior
Creditanstalt Budaörsinterior
Creditanstalt Budapestinterior
Creditanstalt Danziginterior
Creditanstalt Graz Thondorfinterior
Creditanstalt Hradec Kraloveinterior
Creditanstalt Krakauinterior
Creditanstalt Linzinterior
Creditanstalt Pecsinterior
Creditanstalt Poseninterior
Creditanstalt Pragueinterior
Creditanstalt St. Pölteninterior
Creditanstalt Südstadtinterior
Creditanstalt Traiskircheninterior
Creditanstalt Pewex Warsawinterior
Creditanstalt White House Warsawinterior
Creditanstalt Weizinterior
Creditanstalt Hütteldorfer Strasse Viennainterior
Creditanstalt Kärntner Ring Viennainterior
Creditanstalt Landstrasser Hauptstr. Viennainterior
Creditanstalt Mahlerstrasse Viennainterior
Creditanstalt Quellenstrasse Viennainterior
Creditanstalt Schlachthausgasse Viennainterior
Creditanstalt Sechshausergürtel Viennainterior
Creditanstalt Simmeringer Hauptstr. Viennainterior
Creditanstalt Stephansplatz Viennainterior
Creditanstalt Triester Strasse Viennainterior
Creditanstalt Wienerbergstr. Viennainterior
Creditanstalt Kollonitschgasse Wr. Neustadtinterior
Creditanstalt Neunkirchner Str. Wr. Neustadtinterior
Creditanstalt Zlininterior
Culinarium Österreich – Neuer Markt Viennainterior
Denzel Bank Vienna, Weihburggasseinterior
Eurospar Aspangoffices
Law Office Heller, Löber, Bahn & Partner Viennaoffices
Power Station Donaustadtobservation tower
Cultural Institut of New Yorkpublic area and offices
Mosstroyeconom Bank Moscowinterior
District Office NÖ Gebietskrankenkasse Mistelbachinterior
District Office NÖ Gebietskrankenkasse Tullninterior
Ö.I.A.G. Viennaoffices
ÖVP Headquarters Vienna, Lichtenfelsgasseoffices and conference rooms
Parliamentary Headquarters, Economic Section Viennadesks for conference room
Architects Office Dipl.-Ing. Presoly Wr. Neustadtoffices
Raiffeisenbank Aspangservice desk area, offices, doors
Raiffeisenbank Badenfurniture and interior
Raiffeisenbank Gloggnitzservice desk area
Raiffeisenbank Schwarzauservice desk area and offices
Raiffeisenbank Zöbernservice desk area
Castle Schlitz Hohen Demzinexecutive office and coat check
Sparkasse Aspangservice desk area and offices
Sparkasse Emdenservice desk area
Sparkasse Hageservice desk area
Sparkasse Wr. Neustadtinterior for new branch office (without desk furniture)
IMC Fachhochschule Krems – Component 3 and 5offices, meeting rooms, lecture halls
Berggasse 7customized extension of office
Schmid Industrieholding GmbHmeeting rooms, tea kitchen, editional rooms
Akron Hietzinger Spitzfurnishing of a 3 storey office building AKRON Group
Toscanahofcustomized extension of office
Ekazent Hietzing Lifestyleinterior of doctor’s practice
Mascha & Partnercustomized extension of office
APKcustomized extension of office
Büro AVCONJETcustomized office interior
Kedge Officeboard meeting room non-executive director
Porr Coffee Cornerinterior for 40 Coffee Corners
at Porr Headquarter in Vienna
Penthouse Büro & Zigarrenlounge, 1010 Wiengeneral contractor


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