Kittenberger Erlebnisgärten


In general, the furnishing was designed in such a way that a synergy is created between house and garden. The desired elements were also considered into the interior design and expressed in the layout, the surfaces, and the design.

Country houses

Appearance: log cabin look, dark shingles, comfortable living

in the element of fire, the country houses radiate warmth and comfort. This cozy warmth can be seen and felt not only through the fireplace in the center of the house, but also in the surfaces. A rustic oak parquet, rust-colored textiles, lots of wood and cozy fabrics were chosen for the living rooms. Dark accessories ensure a classy mix. In the bathorooms and in the entrance area, anthracite-colored stone serves as a reference to the element. The bathrooms have been optically enlarged by matching room-high photo prints and illuminated by frosted glass sliding doors. All this creates a feel-good atmosphere.


Appearance: natural and clear, protected by patio canopy

Associated with the element of air, the studios reflect the feeling of naturalness and lightness. A calm oak parquet in combination with anthracite-colored surfaces and mustard yellow accents ensure a modern living character. Dark accessories create a harmonious balance. The bathrooms are equipped with anthracite-colored stone and illuminated by frosted glass sliding doors. The wall design with floor-to-ceiling photo prints also optically enlarges the rooms and creates a special flair. The large window areas create a lofty, open character. This enables the feeling of being surrounded by nature.


Appearance: clear, cool, simple and light-flooded

Standing for the element of water, these houses shine with bright, cool rooms. An oak parquet was brushed and white oiled in combination with light and white lacquered wood. Since the colors of water should also be reflected in the house, different shades of blue and turquoise were used for the color design. A light stone floor in the entrance area and in the bathrooms also has a cooling effect. A photo print with a water motif was also chosen for the wall design in the bathrooms. This optically enlarges the room and makes the assigned element even clearer. Here, too, frosted sliding glass doors illuminate the bathrooms. With the large windows in the living rooms, the houses appear open and flooded with light. The accessories are bright – partly painted white or oiled. The maritime design of the villas invites you to relax.


Appearance: rustic, has a gable roof and white plastered walls, vines on the exterior facade

Close to the element earth, the design of the Winzerstöckl was based on typical Kellerstöckl. These are known for round windows, simple gable roof and the roughly plastered walls with rounded edges. A heart-smoked oak parquet brings a calm atmospere into the house. In the entrance area and in the bathrooms light brown stoneware was laid and for the furniture local wood – such as pine or larch was used. The TV furniture, as a wine barrel symbolizes the vineyard character. Furthermore, a sliding door to the bathroom was designed as a barn door in old oak with black roller suspension. The bathroom was optically enlarged with floor-to ceiling photo prints – based on the vineyards in the Kamptal. Based on the element earth, the textiles in the house were kept in these tones and completed with a fresh spruce green.


The specially built main building houses the reception, a meeting room and a shop with regional products.




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